Water Damage’s Dangers

11/17/2015 16:26


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When heavy rain falls or water pipes are compromised, the risk of water damage increases and this is something many homeowners dread. Why would they? Water damage is a huge problem for homeowners, not only because of the damage it brings but also the expenses that tags along with it.

Water causes thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. The damage would affect the house’s structure, floors, walls and ceilings. Aside from the damage it brings to homes, it also damages furniture, electronics and various equipment. Sometimes, the damage is too severe that some items are beyond hope and can no longer be fixed.


Water damage doesn’t just destroy properties but also lead to mold growth. Molds love to grow in damp and humid areas. If water damage ensues, mold growth would be promoted. The damage would then expand because of this. Moreover, exposure to mold would pose health risk to the entire household. The health risks may vary from rashes and allergies to severe respiratory ailments. Some studies would even say that molds can contribute to serious diseases like cancer.


When flood water enters homes, it brings not only water, mud and debris but also sewage. Raw sewage is filthy and dangerous because it contains various viruses, bacteria and parasites. Moreover, it also contains traces of harmful chemicals and pesticides. Exposure to sewage would risk contracting various diseases. Therefore, flood waters entering homes would mean having a huge health risk. This is why it is important to have proper equipment for draining flood waters, which regular households don’t have.


It is imperative to hire the services of water damage restoration companies when water damage happens. If one takes immediate action, it might be possible to save those affected by water damage. Furthermore, it would prevent serious health problems.